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Dr. Arun's Smiles The Dental Specialty Clinic provides set up for extensive family dental care. Family dentistry clinic and cosmetic dentistry services are their priorities.

Dr. Arun's Smiles The Dental Specialty Clinic have trained staff and exquisite facilities to ensure pleasing and painless care to our clients. Being an enthusiastic and energetic team, we are committed to provide the best care to our clients which can help them to promote lifelong smiling dental health. Our clinic is here to give you the perfect smile that you dreamed off. Emotional and physical well being of the clients is our prime concern. We put all our efforts to make the treatment as a funny experience, by which they get relaxed.

Family dentistry is all about the oral health of you and your family. Dr. Arun's Family Dentistry Clinic promises you the best, better and complete dental care for the whole family. We offer treatments for all ages, from pediatrics to the elderly people. We are in the field since 1995, started as Dr. Arun's Smiles The Dental Specialty Clinic. We focus more on the aesthetic aspect because we are aware of the fact that, you will feel good when your smile looks good. Dr. Arun uses the best combination of preventive care, cosmetic treatments, and restorative techniques for optimum dental health. We assure quality dental care at affordable cost. Dr. Arun has dedicated 9 years in trauma & cosmetic department of a highly acclaimed and reputed super specialty hospital. He has been practicing over 16 years providing families in the global community with quality dental care for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. At, Dr. Arun's Smiles The Dental Specialty Clinic the patient always comes first. Dr. Arun places great emphasis on being an honest, gentle, caring dentist who treats his patients, not just their teeth. Our main aim is to ensure best dental care to our patients. We are proud to say that, our clinic extends a wide range of treatment facilities from general dentistry to specialist under one roof, In sterile and serene atmosphere

Our dental clinic is situated in the heart of Kerala, the city of Cochin, alias queen of the Arabian sea. We are one of the most professional and leading dental care hospitals in Cochin. Our wide range of dental services includes dental implants, root canal treatment, single sitting root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, partial and complete dentures, gum disease treatment, preventive dental care, pediatric dentistry. Laser treatment for sensitiveness, pit and fissure sealants, enameloplasty, enamel micro abrasion, inlays and onlays and extraction and transalveolar surgery. We assure you hygienic treatments by using properly sterilized equipments.

An exciting feature is the dental tourism package. We offer dental tourism opportunity with great holidays in Cochin the exotic Kerala. You can enjoy the aesthetic beauty and serenity of Kerala along with our quality treatment. Rejuvenate your smile at gods own country Kerala enjoying the mesmerizing landscapes , which treasures rich heritage and nature

“Giving more mileage to your smile age"

Make your family and yourself comfortable with Dr. Arun's Family Dentistry Clinic to relish your life.

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