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Gum Disease Treatment and Laser assisted Flap surgery

Gum disease can be of different types based on the severity of the infection. Treatments also differ according to the stage of the disease. There are both non-surgical and surgical treatments for gum diseases. The main non-surgical treatments include:

  • Scaling and root planning
  • Laser treatments
  • Professional dental cleaning and scaling

Other modes of treatments may include:

  • Gum graft surgery
  • Regenerative procedures
  • Dental crown lengthening
  • Dental implants
  • Pocket reduction procedures and
  • Plastic surgery procedures

Flap surgeries are commonly used procedures for gum disease treatment. Laser-assisted flap surgery is one of the new techniques. As the name indicates, it makes use of the laser for the surgery. When compared to the traditional surgery, it gives no pain and consumes less time. Both the patient and the doctor will have a comfort period during the treatment.

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