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Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries are done to correct the problems or damages to the mouth, jaw or teeth. It is also known as “oral and maxillofacial surgery”. Oral maxillofacial surgery combines oral surgery with surgery on the sinuses, neck and the structures of the face. This surgery does not need a big hospital atmosphere, anesthesia, and hospital stay.

Usually, oral surgery is performed to remove wisdom teeth, repair jaw problems, to perform the root canal and to prepare mouth for dentures. It may also perform more advanced methods if necessary after trauma or when severe disease damages the structures of the mouth. Conditions that may require oral surgery are:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Jaw-related problems such as unequal jaw growth, improve the fit of dentures, temporomandibular disorders etc.
  • Facial injury repair
  • Lesion removal and biopsy
  • Facial infections

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