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Enameloplasty is a cosmetic dentistry treatment. It is done in order to reshape the contours of the tooth to improve your appearance or as a preparation for further treatment such as veneers or lumineers. For that, the size and shape of the existing tooth's enamel surface are removed or shaved permanently. It is also called odontoplasty. People whose enamel surface is worn, fractured or chipped can undergo for enameloplasty treatment. To start with the treatment, the teeth will be cleaned. The worn out parts of enamel surface will be gently shaved off to reform the affected teeth for the healthier condition. After reshaping, the teeth will be smoothened and polished to give them a natural looking and attractive appearance. The procedure is not painful as it removes only the enamel. Enameloplasty is not suggested in every case. For example, cases like severe misalignment or cracks of the teeth or if the reshaping accentuates improper biting are not appropriate for enameloplasty. It is necessary to have a detailed dental check-up before deciding to have enameloplasty. Enameloplasty can contribute in improving your overall health. It can reduce the ill health in general.