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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment for Sensitiveness
Tooth sensitivity is one of the common problems seen in most of the people. It takes out the pleasure of enjoying one's favorite food items. Tooth sensitivity is the condition when they feel sharp pain and irritation while having some kind of food items. The main cause of this problem is eating or drinking cold, hot, acidic or sweet. Dentin exposure is the main reason for tooth sensitivity. The main causes for dentin exposure are:

Gum recession
Enamel erosion due to acidic beverages
Tooth grinding
Gum diseases
Fracture in the tooth etc.

To prevent the problem of tooth sensitivity, your dentist may recommend you many things such as- using desensitizing toothpaste, application of fluoride, covering exposed root surface, root canal and laser treatment. Among this, the most effective and inexpensive treatment is the use of a dental laser. Laser treatments take only a few minutes. The doctor will use the laser wave over the sensitive area. This procedure will help to reduce or lessen the element that causes sensitivity. One of the main advantages of the treatment is that, the results are instant. It does not seek surgical procedures and so, anesthesia. Studies have found that, laser treatments are one of the most effective method for treating tooth sensitivity.