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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments can be of single sitting and multiple sitting. Single sitting treatment is when the root canal treatment is completed in a single sitting. For this, the first procedure is to open the pulp chamber. This pulp chamber allows access to the canals. After that, the infected nerve will be removed using special instruments. Then, the canals will be flushed with an antiseptic solution. The root canals will be cleaned and reshaped further to free them of all fragments. This makes the canals empty, dry and clean. After that, the canals will be filled and sealed with the biocompatible material. The temporary filling will be replaced with a permanent filling material like composite filling. Then the tooth that is treated with root canal procedure will be capped Single sitting root canal treatment may not be suited for all the patients. The doctor will decide whether you are apt for the single root canal treatment by analyzing your health conditions, the severity of the condition and other factors.

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